Kirkwood Mountain Resort presents:
#KirkwoodDEEP Livestream Launch Live from the Palace Of Fine Arts in San Francisco, CA.
I was the Asstistant Producer, Art Director and Livestream Engineer for this webcast on Saturday, November 1st 2014. My crew from Transmissions-LIVE did all the film/stream production for this broadcast.
This was sponsored by Helly Hanson, Smith Optics, Any Mountain, E:K KirkwoodKirkwood Mountain Resort. #kirkwoodDEEP is the new 2014 awareness campaign and the launch of the KirkwoodMTN Livestream Channel november 22nd.
"Coop", the host, from Kirkwood Mountian Resort
Daron Rahlves from Rahlves Banzai
Jon Copeland from E:K Kirkwood
Patsy McCullough & Rob Lemon from Any Mountain
Casey Lucas & Hazel Birnbaum of the Kirkwood Ski Team

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