This is the teaser for my new live music web show called Transmissions-LIVE. Our third episode is with the "Revved-Up Rockabilly" Band The Chop Tops. (Full episode coming soon)

Transmissions-LIVE is a webcast interview & performance show that showcases bands at the venue they play at. We stream the interview & performances AND we film the entire event which we edit for later video content.

The result is below.
I'm acting acting as a producer, host, live setup / audio engineer and do all the post work. This project is evolving every episode we do. It's a challenge to do a live webcast remote type project like this. The difficulties and roadblocks to do this on a budget is almost comical: Scheduling the bands, scheduling the venue, dealing with live streaming, sound issues at the venue, equipment failure, soundchecks, drunk band members, drunk fans, the massive sound of ice filling up the bar in the background... I could go on. I love it

Anyhoo, thanks for checking this out!
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